World Rabies Day: help Mayhew vaccinate 10,000 dogs

world rabies day

Ahead of World Rabies Day tomorrow (28 September), Mayhew International is hoping to hit their target of £10,000 for a campaign to vaccinate 10,000 dogs against rabies in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Working to improve the lives of the local community and street dogs in Kabul since 2001, the charity is looking to raise a further £5,000 by this Saturday so they can reach their target, which they set at the beginning of September, and have so far reached half.

Rabies is fatal in 99.9% of cases, and is transmitted through saliva, scratches and bites – meaning it’s not just dogs who are at risk. It is one of the main problems facing the citizens of Kabul. It costs £1 for a rabies vaccination which could not only save a dog, but human lives as well.

The majority of humans who die from rabies in Afghanistan become infected by a dog, and before Mayhew International started their vaccination programme in 2001, over 1,800 people – many of them children – were taken by this horrible and painful disease. Since then, Mayhew International have been working hard to improve the lives of humans and animals in the Kabul community, and are now asking for your help to reach the next milestone.

You can help Mayhew reach their target by visiting the donation page. £1 will save one dog, and at least one life.

Images by Mayhew


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