Sock-eating Labrador pup saved by vets

Labrador Rocky
Maxine and Vet Monolo Hervada with Rocky the dog 14th August 2019

A six-month-old Labrador needed lifesaving surgery after PDSA vets discovered he had swallowed an entire sock, which caused a potentially fatal blockage.

Maxine Holliday became concerned when her dog, Rocky, began vomiting and couldn’t keep food or water down. His owner, Maxine Holliday, noticed his symptoms and became increasingly concerned.

“I was so worried about him,” said Maxine. “He was unable to eat or drink and I thought he might die.”

Rocky was admitted for tests, with x-rays revealing a foreign object causing an obstruction in his gut. However it was unclear from the images exactly what the pup had swallowed.

PDSA Vet Manolo Hervada-Gonzalez said, “X-rays showed that Rocky had a blockage in his intestines, which if left would rupture, making him seriously ill. He needed emergency surgery to remove the obstruction before that happened. We regularly see pets who have accidentally eaten things they shouldn’t have, and surprisingly socks are quite a common cause of blockages.”

Maxine and Vet Monolo Hervada with Rocky the dog

Maxine added, “I was really shocked to learn they had found a whole sock inside Rocky. I have no idea where he got it from, but I’ll be keeping a really close eye on him in future.”

After an hour-long operation to remove the lost sock, Rocky spent the night recovering at the out-of-hours service, VetsNow. The following day he was reunited with a relieved and thankful Maxine, and was sent home with painkillers and antibiotics. Rocky has now fully recovered and is back to his normal self, bouncing around and playing with Maxine’s grandchildren.

Vet Manolo added, “Pets, especially puppies and younger dogs, are naturally curious and like to use their mouths to investigate objects.

“Sometimes, a pet will swallow an item by mistake, but this can be dangerous, as many items could cause a gut blockage like Rocky’s, and some objects might also be toxic or sharp.”

Images by PDSA 


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