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Nutriment, a multi-award winning leader in the innovation and forward thinking of raw canine and feline nutrition, has announced an exciting expansion of its portfolio and brand over 2018 and 2019. This investment comes in response to consumer demands for further high quality, uncompromising raw feeding solutions for dogs and cats from Nutriment.

The existing, versatile Nutriment portfolio consists of a comprehensive range of raw cat and dog foods, including: Core – expertly formulated recipes for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes; Just – one ingredient, complementary meal solutions for supporting at-home meal preparations; Dinner for Cats & Dinner for Dogs – raw feeding solutions for smaller, less physically active dog breeds; and Laverstoke Park Farm – organic raw meals for complete nutrition. These very popular ranges have increasingly secured Nutriment’s position as an innovator and expert in the canine and feline nutrition arena.

Nutriment has created a new range, Support, consisting of five, new raw food products for dogs: Light, Low Purine & Phosphorus, Liver, Kidney and Recovery. Low in fat and highly digestible, these recipes are specifically designed to provide nutritional support for ongoing health concerns more prevalent to today’s dogs. Nutriment’s highly qualified team of nutritionists and keen dog lovers believe in a dedicated approach to producing enhanced raw food. This means that each meal is manufactured by hand with care, attention to detail and animal health and happiness in mind.

“With an ever-growing emphasis on the importance and awareness of canine nutrition, we felt it was necessary to create a range which could provide our customers with the ability to nutritionally support their dogs’ health concerns,” comments Suzanne Brock, Managing Director of Nutriment. “Our in-house canine nutritionists have liaised closely with veterinary partners and experts in the industry to ensure that the recipes and final products are of superior quality and effectiveness. This includes the use of specially selected, premium ingredients, including British, human grade meats and natural superfoods. Producing the best foods possible is a fundamental principle to us at Nutriment.”

Not only are Nutriment leading the market with raw nutrition support, they have also announced a brand expansion, with the launch of Leo & Wolf. Intending to make raw food even more accessible and convenient, the brand is launching with six, raw, frozen meatball products with complete and complementary varieties. The meatballs will be commercially available from supermarket retailers and will bring raw feeding solutions to a wider range of consumers.

“At Nutriment, we wholeheartedly believe that raw feeding our animals with enhanced raw foods is in their best interests in all aspects. We’re so passionate about the ethos behind raw feeding that we wanted to make this option a reality for as many dog and cat owners as possible. Many people assume, unnecessarily, that raw feeding can be time and space consuming. If stocking raw food products at local supermarkets for shoppers to incorporate with the weekly shop is what will make raw feeding more accessible, then that’s what we endeavour to do,” Brock adds. More details on the launch of Leo & Wolf will be released shortly.

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