Passionate about ensuring health and happiness in pets, EUKANUBA’s Veterinary Expert, Kellie Ceccarelli shares her advice for supporting your canine companion through the fireworks season.

With firework night on the horizon, it can be a very exciting and fun celebration, especially if you have small children. However, it’s important to be mindful that not everyone in your household will enjoy the bangs and bonfires, especially our canine companions.

Earlier in the year, we embarked on a unique project to assess the impact that classical music has on dogs’ stress and anxiety levels. Working with classical music composer, Iain Jackson, we created ‘A Dog’s Tale’, an original score of classical music designed specifically for dogs. We even concentrated on the number of beats per minute which replicated that of a dog’s resting heartbeat in a bid to find a new, unique way to help keep dogs calm and look after their wellbeing.

The results showed that after listening to our dog friendly classical score the pulse rate of the dogs in our focus group reduced by a staggering 22%, revealing that classical music can aid in reducing stress and anxiety in dogs.

So as fireworks night looms, we are encouraging owners to create a haven for their pet. Keep your dog’s away from the unfamiliar and loud firework sounds and help keep them calm with classical music. Whether you opt for Bach, Strauss or even Iain Jackson’s ‘A Dog’s Tale’ give them a relaxing environment to settle in and calming music to listen to. Avoid unnecessary anxiety on and around the 5th of November and talk to your vet about additional ways to help reduce noise phobias – so the rest of your family can be outside enjoying the bonfire night spectacles while your dogs are tucked up calmly listening to ‘A Dog’s Tale’.

At EUKANUBA, we want to help people to live a long, healthy life with their dogs, and we now know that classical music has a real impact and can help dogs and owners to live life well together.

This is a guest essay by Kellie Ceccarelli. Want to write for us? Visit or email


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