Six of the Best Dog Products


Roses Top Dog

Do you despair when your dogs have great fun getting as dirty as our happy dog pictured here? Now you need worry no more: the Roses Top Dog grooming bundle (featuring a PVA and large microfibre towel, and the grooming and drying brush) helps you to bathe and dry the dog with ease. And no matter what your breed, you will find grooming tips on our website. So, visit to download our Grooming Tips, find out all about our products and order your grooming bundle – you will be amazed at what great value they are.

The Company of Animals

The Company of Animals offers a versatile range of clickers for easy puppy or dog training.

The Clix Whizzclick combines two of our most popular dog training tools in one – a clicker and a whistle. The whistle provides the additional flexibility to include additional commands to a training programme, such as a distance ‘sit’ command, and is also great for improving recall.

The Clix Multi-Clicker has a unique patented volume control, so it’s ideal for puppy training and sound-sensitive dogs. The raised clicker button makes it comfortable and easy to use.

01932 566696

Ruffwear is the one-stop destination for pet lovers looking for the best goodies for their furry friends! The Ruffwear Webmaster Harness is one of our top-selling harnesses and has been rated 5 stars by our customers. The harness features five points of adjustment, a carry handle, two lead connection points, reflective trim and is padded with foam for a comfortable fit. Available in three colours and many sizes, £52.45.

K9-Fortify – the sauce of good health!

Keep your dog in tip-top condition by adding 100% natural K9-Fortify to kibble, which is transformed into an appetizing mix, full of extra goodness.

K9-Fortify contains water infused with chamomile flowers, deactivated brewer’s yeast and turmeric plus the addition of the natural sweetener Stevia. It is a source of omega fatty acids, B vitamins and antioxidants, which can help by assisting digestion, aiding flea control, reducing inflammation, and improving the appearance of your dog’s coat.

07434 848954

K9 Competition Aloe Vera

The K9 Competition Aloe Vera shampoo range from Sweden is made of the best natural ingredients available on the market. The products have a calming effect on sensitive skin and scalps, they do not irritate, are easy to work with, and are detangling and time-saving – all things every dog groomer looks for. The products are used worldwide by top show exhibitors and grooming salons, as well as discerning home groomers, with great feedback and results.

Available in the UK from Technogroom. Visit the website or call for details of the full range.

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