Some dogs – the sick, the elderly, bonded pairs, those with behavioural issues, and certain breeds – are harder to rehome than most. Several small charities in the UK are entirely dedicated to these dogs, looking after them for however long it takes to find the right home. It can become a long-term commitment, which is financially crippling for small rescues.

In many cases, they are the only lifeline for these unlucky dogs, as many larger charities turn them away for being too difficult to rehome – despite having the means to look after them without having to struggle with the budget. Some argue that it is a matter of efficiency, allowing as many dogs as possible to be rehomed quickly with more money left over to help the next one. With the same money and effort needed for a ‘difficult’ dog, they argue, you could help several ‘easier’ ones. Others say that it is unfair to the small rescues that pick up the pieces and help the ones left behind, struggling to do so.

Should wealthy rescue charities cherry-pick the dogs they think would be easiest to rehome?

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