Police pup too cuddly for the frontline lands new government role

Police pup

An aspiring police pup, Gavel spent an unusual puppyhood at the residence of the Governor of Queensland, Australia, being fostered by the staff there and the Governor himself, Paul de Jersey.

young pavel
Via Facebook/Governor of Queensland

However, it soon became clear that, despite many months of preparation, Gavel was just too sociable and friendly to join the force and his career was at a dead end.

garden duty
Via Facebook/Governor of Queensland

To make up for it, the Governor, now attached to the young German Shepherd, offered Gavel a new government role. Today, Gavel works as Queensland’s very first vice-regal dog.

the governor
Via Facebook/Governor of Queensland

He spends his days around Government House greeting visitors – which often include royalty from around the world – and tagging along on tour groups.

gavel in his fancy coat
Via Facebook/Governor of Queensland

Now he is fully grown, Gavel is no stranger to a formal function, andĀ even has his own uniform, a specially-made coat emblazoned with the Governor’s Personal Standard, the St Edward’s Crown, and the official bird of Queensland.

Via Facebook/Governor of Queensland

It seems Gavel has found his true calling.

Featured image via Facebook/Governor of Queensland


  1. wonderful! and what a great looking dog. I am sure Gavel is a great symbol of loyalty and friendship for the people & visitors to Queensland! So happy he has such a great opportunity to enjoy his life and family!


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