Distraught family’s plea to find missing collie and lamb duo


A family from Nottingham have found themselves in total despair after their one-year-old Border Collie, Blake, and his best friend, a five-week-old orphaned lamb named Bella, went missing from their home on Perlethorpe Farm in Nottinghamshire at noon on Monday 8 May.

Owners Natalie Haywood and Jordan Knight have made a desperate appeal to anyone who may have seen the rather unusual pairing to get in touch immediately, referring to the time since they have gone missing as “absolutely horrible”.

Ms Haywood first discovered Blake and Bella’s disappearance when she returned home from the school run. She told the Nottingham Post, “I’d closed the gate while I went on the school run to let the dog and the sheep go in and out of the garden – we live in a very secluded area and I do it every day.”

missing collie Blake
Via Facebook/Natalie Haywood

“But when I came back I saw the gate open and they’d gone. I spoke to someone who said they’d found both of them running around in front of the farm so they tried to chase them back in but they ran out and into the forest.

“We are heartbroken. Our two kids don’t understand where they’ve gone. We’ve been out on push bikes and in the car looking around – we’ve got people here, there and everywhere looking for them.

“We need to keep going and for people to tell us if they’ve seen them – please help us find our babies.”

Blake and bella
Via Facebook/Natalie Haywood

Natalie and Jordan have had Blake for almost a year and only adopted orphaned Bella a few weeks ago when she was two days old. Bella was a gift to Natalie’s family from a local farmer and apparently, the little lamb and Blake hit it off immediately.

“They’re inseparable. Blake’s a big friendly giant and was already friends with our pet chipmunk and cockatiel when we brought Bella into the home and they were friends straightaway. I knew he was a soft touch but not that much!

“Bella sleeps in a dog bed and they have a bedroom inside the front porch – they’re so cute together. We put Bella in nappies when she’s inside.”

Via Facebook/Natalie Haywood

The family say there has been a possible sighting of Blake in the area of Netherfield, although Bella was not seen. Blake has been acting as a companion to Bella – who is still being bottle-fed – and the search team expect that the two of them will still be together.

Newark and Sherwood District Council have helped with the appeal and are asking for any sightings of the pair to be reported to 01636 650000.

Featured image via Facebook/Natalie Haywood


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