New Zealand police officers have shot and killed a trainee security dog at Auckland airport after he escaped his handler and no one was able to catch him.

The dog, a ten-month-old crossbreed named Grizz, broke loose in the early hours of Thursday morning, as he was being loaded into a van.

Grizz wandered into a secure area, causing the delay of 16 national and international flights, and could not be coaxed or caught in the dark. After three hours the decision was taken to shoot Grizz.

Inspector Tracy Phillips of Counties Manukau District Police said Aviation Security Service (Avsec) commented, “Our thoughts are with the Avsec dog handler involved. This is not an outcome which anyone wanted, and police were only asked to be involved as a last resort.”

Animal welfare charities and members of the public have condemned the decision, with many questioning why airport timings were more important than a dog’s life. The question over why a tranquilliser gun wasn’t available for use was raised too.

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  1. Don’t they have tranquilizer dart guns in NZ? Hopefully this incident will teach them the importance of having one on hand in the future!


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