Dog Crush: the Westie


Calling all owners of the snowy-white and simply wonderful Westie! Your terrier best friend will be the subject of our next Dog Crush special breed feature in the April issue of Dogs Today! But we need your help to make it happen…

Via Giphy

Take our survey, and tell us what it is like to own a West Highland White Terrier, so we can advise those thinking about one of their own. We need to know all about personality, health, grooming, exercise and feeding – as well as your favourite names, funny stories, and what exactly makes these terrific terriers special to you.

We will also be featuring our favourite Westie-inspired art and products, as well as some incredible photography – so it’s an issue worth getting your paws on.

We will be selecting 50 lucky survey-takers to receive the April issue for free, so fill it in today and be sure to leave your postal address at the end when asked. You’ll find the Westie survey on Survey Monkey here!


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