A dog found as a stray and taken in by rescuers was ecstatic to see her owners had come to find her – only for them to pass her over and say they wanted a different dog.

German Shepherd cross Zuzu was found wandering loose at a garden centre, and was taken in by Downer Animal Care Center in California. At the shelter, Zuzu was reportedly nervous and quiet – until a family arrived at the gate.

Desi Lara, an employee at the shelter, wrote on her Facebook page that Zuzu suddenly ‘lit up like a Christmas tree’, happily barking and wagging her tail through the shelter fence. Ms Lara said it was then totally heartbreaking to hear her family didn’t actually want Zuzu back – apparently Zuzu had become depressed at the death of their other dog, Zuzu’s father, and was no longer the happy pet she once was. When Zuzu escaped from their property, they didn’t want her back, they wanted a new dog.

The family did not leave with another animal, and thanks to the huge amount of publicity generated by this sad story, Zuzu is going to be rehomed by new owners this week. Let’s hope they appreciate what they have.

Watch the video of the incident below:


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