Elderly dog wrapped in carpet and dumped on mountainside💔


A member of the public found this saddening sight; a weak white German Shepherd left for dead on a mountainside in Fochriw, South Wales on Friday. The dog was taken to the vet for immediate treatment, but was in such a poor state it was decided to put the animal to sleep over the weekend.

Via Facebook/Robyn Jones
Via Facebook/Robyn Jones

An RSPCA spokesperson said, “Very sadly, despite being given round-the-clock treatment and monitored in the hope he would make some improvement, the local independent vet said there was no hope of recovery and that the kindest thing to do was put the dog to sleep to prevent further suffering.

“This was a very difficult decision which was heartbreaking for the staff caring for him, but one taken with the best welfare of the dog in mind.

“We are very grateful to the kind passer-by for rescuing this poor dog, who was suffering a horrible end to his life after being so callously dumped on his own in this way.

“Unfortunately, every year the RSPCA is called out to rescue hundreds of animals across England and Wales after their owners abandon them and in many cases leave them for dead. We urge anyone with any information about how this dog came to be dumped to call us on 0300 123 8018, in strictest confidence. We specifically would be keen to hear from anyone who may have seen the animal being taken from a car and left.”

Featured image via Facebook/Robyn Jones


  1. What a sad, pitiful, and tragic sight….Why couldn’t the person(s) a the very least take it to a veteranrian to help him or her leave this world without pain? (Any more than there already was, anyway…) I can’t imagine a doctor not helping. They are bound to honor the Hyppocratic Oath as much as any doctor….or so I thought.

  2. This is truly heartbreaking!! That poor soul!!! When we get pets, it’s for life not just while they are young!! We’re all getting old, I just hope karma finds them soon!!! My dog is an old man now and I would never ever dream of doing this to him, he is a part of my family to the very end!!!


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