Dog defenders: united against BSL✊🏻


Dog lovers opposed to breed specific legislation took to the streets this weekend, to demonstrate against laws that kill beloved pets simply for their physical appearance and destroy families. It was a global event, with peaceful protests taking place in Germany and numerous Canadian cities, as well as a number of locations here in the UK.

Via DDA Watch

In Westminster, poems were read and speeches were made, and over 2000 leaflets were passed out to members of the public. There was also a moment’s silence for all the canine victims of twenty five years of the Dangerous Dogs Act – a short distance away from where this law was made, and could, one day, be repealed.

Via Facebook/DDA Watch

Sian Morton, a Director of DDA Watch and one of the event speakers said, “Breed specific legislation continues to cost millions of pounds in taxpayers’ money to enforce and does nothing to protect people nor dogs alike, neither does it promote responsible dog ownership. Thousands of pets continue to be put to death or deemed ‘dangerous’ based on their physical appearance; the law makes no sense, is barbaric and is long overdue for repeal. DDA Watch advises dog owners and supports dogs every day of the week who have been ripped apart from their families even though they have never put a paw wrong.”

Via Facebook/DDA Watch

DDA Watch, which provides help and support to owners affected by BSL, can be found at


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