Percy the persuasive Puggle🐾


Outgoing Percy knows how to wrap people around his little paw. This Beagle/Pug mix has become a real diva, using his clever mind to demand attention and affection whenever he chooses – by naughty methods, such as stealing a precious item!

Via Wood Green

Wood Green Behaviour and Training Specialist Wendy Kruger explains, “Percy is definitely very skilled at reading humans! He has developed his own techniques for forcing us to give him attention – his favourite game was stealing precious things and running away. He is actually a delight to train though and is definitely one of the happiest dogs I’ve worked with… but he has been a challenge. You have to constantly assess what he is thinking and react calmly but consistently, if you get it wrong once he grabs the opportunity and learns a new naughty trick.”

Via Wood Green
Via Wood Green

During his weeks at Wood Green’s Godmanchester centre, Percy has started to learn that he needs to be calm to interact. He is on the right path, but he is no couch potato, and needs active, confident new owners.

If you are interested in Percy, you can see his profile here, or call 0300 303 9333.

Featured image via Wood Green.


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