We pick the top poo-pickers for home and away…


Each year, dog poo consistently ranks as one of local authorities’ most complained about bugbears, and a recent Keep Britain Tidy survey confirmed that fouling was on the rise for the first time in 10 years.

Dog doo costs councils £72.5 million a year to dump in landfill. However, this waste could soon be put to good use, thanks to former banker and innovator Gary Downie, founder of Streetkleen, who has devised an ingenious plan to turn poop into renewable energy.

Gary says, “A deposit from an average-sized dog creates enough energy to produce two 300ml cups of tea or coffee.”

Beverley Cuddy’s choice for Best for ‘Using in the garden’

The dooup Complete Waste Clearer claims to be the only pooper-scooper that clears, sprays, stores and seals, and my garden certainly provided the perfect test. I’ve got shingle, crazy-paving, lawn, concrete and even a wild paddock, which Tess and Oscar have the privilege to use as their very own lavatory!

I was thoroughly impressed with how to the dooup coped on each of these terrains with just small changes to the user technique. I would recommend watching the short video supplied, which has some handy hints and tips, as it can take a few moments to get the ‘knack’.

The fact it actually sprays sanitiser afterwards is simply genius; apart from the stools themselves, there’s nothing more unslightly than a brown mark on your sunny garden path covered in a swarm of flies! It also makes it more hygienic for children playing in the garden.

There were many features to the dooup, which helped it to stride ahead – its capacity to hold such a large volume entirely enclosed has to be the leader. I could pick up on day one, simply place the dooup by the back door, with no need to worry about smell or flies, and pick it up on days two, three, four, and even on five – and it was ready to go!

Dispensing the bag takes less than three seconds; you don’t even have to see or touch it, which is another advantage for those of us who are squeamish!

Retails at £59.95 and includes 600ml dooup Sanitising Fluid and 20 Self-Sealing bio bags

01531 636725, www.thedooup.com, sales@thedooup.com


Beverley Cuddy’s choice for Best for ‘Taking on walks’

The Handiscoop is a relatively newcomer to the field, launching last September, and does exactly what it says on the packaging! Available in two sizes and using a trigger to open and close the toothed head, it is incredibly easy to use.

Especially for the older owner or those with back problems, there is zero bending down involved. You can attach three bags to the head, which is large enough to hold three average-sized doggie droppings, before you’d have to remove the bag, all of which can be done while standing or sitting. A simple elasticated strap holds the head in the ‘closed’ position, allowing you to store the stools you have just picked up and walk effortlessly to the next!

The Handiscoop is lightweight, good value and its simplicity makes it a winner. It cleverly eliminates the embarrassing scenario of trying to bend down, braced with bag-on-hand while your dog is pulling you in all directions! I would happily take this on walks with me; it really does take the drama out of poop-scooping on walks. Yes, it’s an extra thing to hold, but I’d pick the Handiscoop over three bags of poop any day!

Prices start at £15.99

01531 888099, www.handiscoop.com


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