A home for Samy


Samy is a two-year-old, blind Romanian stray who was lucky enough to be rescued by Paws2Rescue before she died in the streets or in one of the many high-kill pounds in the country. Now in foster home in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, Samy is available for adoption throughout the UK.

According to Gemma Noakes, from Paws2Rescue, Samy has a sweet nature, loves cuddling and gets on well with other dogs.

“Samy has been in UK foster for a long time now and, due to her disability, very little interest has been shown in her,” Gemma says. “She came to the UK towards the end of last year as someone had offered to adopt her. Despite us talking to the family in length about having a blind dog and the issues that can arise, they quickly decided that they couldn’t handle it and she has been in foster since December. Samy copes amazingly well with her blindness and behaves just like any other dog! We would really like to find her a forever home, so she can settle into the life she truly deserves.”

If you think you could give Samy a home, get in touch with Paws2Rescue by calling 07734251762, or email paws2rescue@outlook.com.


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