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November 2021 Dogs Today Magazine features:

  • “Where does it hurt?” Ask a Dynamic Dog Practitioner!
  • Farm bust: hundreds saved from breeding slavery
  • Firework season: could shortages give our pets some relief this winter?
  • Christmas list – celebrities celebrating with their Very Important Pets!
  • Our dogs are living longer, but what can we do to keep a spring in their step?
  • It’s Me or the Dog – the return!
  • Great Debate: is doggie abortion the ethical way to deal with an unplanned litter?
  • Why Tailwise is the Jamie Oliver of the dog world
  • London Luxury: where do all the top dogs stay?
  • Season finale: the pros and cons of spaying
  • Dog Crush: the Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • And more…

Dogs Today November 2021


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