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May 2023 Dogs Today Magazine features:

  • Buzzing about the news: England to ban shock collars!
  • Jack’s giant journey: one dog’s epic journey of survival
  • Jurassic bark: Chris Pratt is pet guardian of many creatures in this galaxy
  • Planned pethood: mass sterilisation is saving thousands of dogs’ lives in Mexico
  • Flat-out no: the promised Dutch ban on flat-faced pets
  • Deadly rage: why are dogs being euthanased because of a persistent myth?
  • Little’ angel: the Irish Wolfhound assistance dog is a huge help to his owner
  • Crate expectations: how to make it a happy place
  • Top tips for a dog-safe garden
  • Dog Crush: the Hungarian Pumi
  • And more…

Dogs Today May 2023


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