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March 2021 Magazine


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March 2021 Dogs Today Magazine features:

  • Their lives in our hands: how the law lets them down
  • Chipping away at pet theft: crime turns violent and MPs fail to act
  • Prosecuting cruelty: a new charity steps up as RSPCA considers standing down
  • Renting with pets: new tenancy agreement does away with blanket no-pets policies
  • Loopy licence legislation: how good, small breeders are unfairly penalised
  • Breeders: what makes them good or bad?
  • Interview: White House welcome for Major and Champ
  • Dog Crush: the Old English Sheepdog
  • Brexit ends the Pet Passport – here are the new rules to travel with pets
  • HellĀ and high water: how the National Animal Welfare Trust started 2020 with a flood
  • True Case: when your pup thinks you’re a squeaky toy!

March 2021 Magazine


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