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December/January 2021 Magazine



December/January 2021 Dogs Today Magazine features:

  • Top of the pups: the type of dog most people wanted in 2020
  • New Year, new start: how can we make 2021 better for dogs?
  • Lavish dog-themed Christmas gifts
  • All wrapped up: stopping a Terrier’s war on the Christmas tree
  • Miracles do happen: how one article changed four dogs’ lives
  • Catherine the Great: the legacy of Catherine O’Driscoll
  • Dogs of war: helping heal deep wounds
  • Victoria Stilwell: Petco and the e-collar ban
  • Liz Hurley, model dog owner
  • Great Debate on lockdown and vet visits – should we be allowed in?
  • Dog Crus: the Fox Terrier

Dec/Jan 2021 magazine


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