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August 2021 Dogs Today Magazine features:

  • Is every day a bad hair day? Your top 30 skin solutions
  • Invisible killer: why are puppies fading away?
  • Dame Judi Dench: “Dogs are great actors.”
  • Chips on the table: in Parliament again
  • Thirty years of hurt: MPs debate disastrous Dangerous Dogs act… again
  • Little nippers: the best way to stop puppies play-biting
  • Dogs are much more than just our best friends – now there’s scientific proof!
  • Q&A: what to expect from life with a big dog
  • Arthritis relief: are you aching for a better solution?
  • Victoria Stilwell: introducing a new dog or cat to your dog
  • Dog Crush: the Hovawart

August 2021 dogs today magazine


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