A UK cat tested positive for Covid-19

Vets “offer reassurance” after UK cat tests positive for Covid-19

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has issued advice for pet owners after it emerged that the virus responsible for Covid-19 had been detected in a pet cat in England, in the first such known...
Duke the Beagle cross and rescue kitten Boris

Rescue Beagle helped raise motherless kitten during lockdown

A 10-year-old Beagle cross called Duke, who was found as a stray in Guildford in 2016, has been credited with helping his owner hand-rearing a tiny kitten rejected by his mother. After arriving at Battersea,...
Animal cruelty sentences increase in Scotland

Maximum sentences for animal cruelty raised to five years in Scotland

In a major victory for animal welfare in Scotland, acts of cruelty against animals can now be punished with jail sentences up to five years, as opposed to the previous maximum of twelve months. The...
celebrities open letter against illegal puppy sellers

“Cruel and opportunistic”: vets and celebrities warn against lockdown pet sellers

Vets, charities and animal-loving celebrities have penned and signed an open letter calling on the public to "research sellers thoroughly online before buying" amid a rise in demand for pets since lockdown. The open letter...
ian dunbar

Beverley Cuddy talks to Ian Dunbar – Live 7pm GMT tonight

Facebook live coming up! Today (Wednesday 22 July) at 7pm I will be talking with Ian Dunbar - the vet realised he could save many more lives by training dogs and inspiring people to...
sniffer dogs hunting for gas leaks

Springing into action: meet the dogs sniffing out gas leaks

For the first time, sniffer dogs are helping has engineers track down "the tiniest of cracks in gas pipes" in North West England. Former police explosives and drugs dogs Nelly, Midge and Milly are...

WATCH: adorable Guide Dogs puppies get used to face masks

With face masks already mandatory on public transport and soon to be mandatory in shops across the UK, it is important to get dogs used to the sight of people with face covering. This...
RNLI lifeboat returning

Ilfracombe RNLI rescue man and dog at Bull Point

A man and his dog were rescued by Ilfracombe RNLI from the bottom of a cliff at Bull Point, Devon, after a normal walk went awry. The German Shepherd, named Marley, was walking by the...
Police at the robbed clinic

Rescue dog clinic robbed

Dog Care Clinic is a charity registered in Germany as well as in Sri Lanka, taking in injured, sick and unwanted pets as well as vaccinating and neutering strays. As many other charities, they...
Campaigners call for ban ahead of bok nal days

Pressure grows on South Korea to ban dog meat ahead of Bok Nal days

Humane Society International is urging South Korea to join other countries across Asia in cracking down on the dog meat trade as Bok Nal season begins - the days of summer during which bosintang...
dog in kitchen

How to pet-proof your kitchen

With 44% of UK households having pets, it’s fair to say we’re a nation of animal lovers. Whether you have a playful puppy or a curious kitten, the moment they step through our doors,...

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Police at the robbed clinic

Rescue dog clinic robbed

Dog Care Clinic is a charity registered in Germany as well as in Sri Lanka, taking in injured, sick and unwanted pets as well...

Help for Hopper

Hopper came into our lives in May this year when he was 10 weeks old. He was the result of accidental breeding of two...

A special appeal for Lucy

Sometimes, Staffie and Stray Rescue offer to help some dogs overseas as we feel that they have an increased chance of finding a forever...