Great Debate: Should rescues be rehoming brachycephalic dogs?


A recent issue of Vet Record highlighted how Dogs Trust has advertised brachycephalic dogs for rehoming, using words such as ‘adorable’ and ‘cute’. This was despite the charity being part of the Advisory Council on Companion Animal Welfare (ACCAW), which has asked advertisers and media groups to stop using images of flat-faced dogs, as this risked ‘driving demand’ for such breeds, whose abnormal features can negatively impact health and welfare.

Vet Emma Milne, founder of Vets Against Brachycephalism, questioned whether brachy breeds were healthy enough to qualify for rehoming, saying that even those that could breathe normally could still suffer from a range of other health problems. Euthanasia could arguably be considered a more appropriate option, she suggested.

Others feel that this would go too far, and that these dogs should have a chance to live a good life with a family willing to adopt them.

What do you think – should rescues be rehoming brachycephalic dogs?

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