Urgent Appeal For Rhino


Meet Rhino, a spirited and loving 7-month-old pup who recently joined the Cotswolds Dogs Cats Home (CDCH) family.

Rhino has had a difficult and challenging past, but he has not let this get in the way of his high spirit and hope to find love. He loves to receive attention and affection from everyone he meets and dreams of the day he will have a home to call his own.

Beth Barker, Animal Care Assistant, says.”Rhino is such a special boy and has stolen everyone’s heart with his resting sad face. He is incredibly sweet and always has to say hi to everyone he meets! He always makes me laugh with his goofy nature and has come on leaps and bounds with the confidence since being with us. He has a lot to learn about the world still but is taking it all in his stride.”

Rhino arrived, with a swollen left stifle (knee joint), indicating a suspected previous injury.
After further investigations and x-rays, it was discovered to be caused by a previous fracture, which having been left untreated, was causing discomfort and lameness.

We are working with our dedicated veterinary team to plan for the next steps of Rhino’s medical journey, ensuring his comfort and well-being are kept our highest priority at all times.

On top of the x-rays, which have already cost the charity £500, Rhino will require future surgery to treat the fracture, once it has become stable enough to operate on – this surgery, as well as the recovery needs and aftercare, is expected to be in the THOUSANDS, having a huge impact on our finances. Due to this, we are appealing to you for help, so we can get Rhino the treatment plan he deserves, and provide this loving boy with a bright and happy future!

The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home is an independent charity dedicated to the care and well-being of animals in need, any contribution, big or small, will help cover the costs of Rhino’s treatment and surgery.

Rose Osborn, Animal Care Assistant, says, “He is the politest little man with so much love to give and an eagerness to please despite everything he has been through. I love him to pieces, he is an absolutely fantastic dog, such a gentleman and his little pout is just adorable!”

Your support for Rhino, helps us to continue our mission of ensuring no animal suffers because of cost, giving animals, like Rhino, a chance at a happy and healthy life.
With your help, compassion, and generosity, we can give Rhino the chance to walk pain-free and enjoy the active life he deserves.

You can donate here.

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