Dogs looking for a home at Leicester Animal Aid



Ziggy (main image), our 18 month old male Lurcher is a barrel of fun! With his shaggy coat and cheeky ways, he is a character not to be overlooked! Being a lurcher, he may come across as being too large for a smaller set up, but he curls up lovely on the sofa and enjoys a game with a tennis ball. Having a very strong prey drive and dislike towards other animals, Ziggy is kept on lead and muzzled when out and is happy with this if he has a large enough, secure garden to zoom around in. Ziggy is a great walker and enjoys being out and about, but he will need a strong walker.

Ziggy is microchipped, vaccinated, neutered and up to date with his flea and worm treatments. He is looking for an adult only home and without any other animals. Ziggy is house trained and travels well in the car and would ask for a sofa in his new home to call his own.


Scout, our one-year-old Harrier Hound cross English Springer Spaniel is a large sized male who has a lot of spirit and joy and would make a fantastic companion for someone who is out and about walking every day! Scout is too smart for his own good and is good at training humans, but he does have a very sensitive side to him.

Easily startled by new things and environments he will need to stay on lead when out and can be very strong. He has a very strong prey drive with the working breeds in him and no recall so off lead exercise and fun time will need to be in a large enough and secure garden. Scout does suffer with separation anxiety and has shown resource guarding so an experienced owner would suit him best and within an adult only environment without any other animals.

Scout is microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with his flea and worm treatments. He is yet to be neutered.


Bilbo, our 2 year old male Shar-Pei cross is a small to medium sized boy who is a perfect match for an adult environment without other pets and accepts him for who he is. Bilbo tries very hard to make friends and has built a bond with the staff here at the centre and can’t wait to find a new owner who he can share his life with!

Bilbo is unsure of other animals and is muzzled and walked on lead in areas away from other dogs. He is a steady walker and will keep any owner fit and healthy! He has made a few doggy friends here but prefers one to one companionship from a person and would love his new owner to be around for most of the day. Cute and cuddly, everyone finds Bilbo adorable!

Bilbo is vaccinated, microchipped, and will be neutered once his confidence has been built up. He is also up to date with his worm and flea treatments.


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