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Midge and Biscoff

Midge and Biscoff (main image)

Gaining in confidence day by day, Midge and Biscoff are so loving once they feel at ease. They are young, cheeky and stealers of food! They love their toys and running around outside, enjoying life! Both are still unsure of interacting with new people and around new environments but with a lot of patience and time we hope this will build in a home.

Both will require time to settle into a home with a patient owner who will help them to thrive. Ideally their new owners need to have previous experience of owning a puppy and training them using positive rewards. They will need further confidence building around people and getting into the car, being left and house training. They must be fed seperately as Biscoff does not like to share.

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A young and lively spirit with lots of love to give! Birdie is a typical puppy and everything is exciting to her and she is loving her life. She enjoys playing with her toys and is very bright, even at such a young age. She is a cuddly dog and will certainly enjoy a sofa to call her own.

Birdie loves to use her brain and has mastered slow feeders and interactive games already! She will entertain herself with her toys and like any puppy she loves to investigate. Birdie will require additional training with walking, house training and being left on her own. Everything needs to be child proof at the moment!

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A sensitive boy with a lot of love to give! Sweet and fun within familiar company and seeking a new devoted owner to boost his confidence and open his world to new adventures. Cameron can be a little excitable at times but a happy soul when playing with his toys and very interested in learning if yummy treats are presented.

Cameron is desperate for love and acceptance from an owner; seeking time and patience when meeting new people. He will require someone who can increase his leave time gradually and continue with his socialisation around dogs, house training and embrace his joyful, giddy side.

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