Race against time to find a home for pup who ‘might’ be typed as XL Bully


Animal Charity Blue Cross has launched an appeal to find a home for Luna, a young bully-type pup, before the announced change in legislation banning XL bully dogs puts her life in danger.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement that the XL bully would be added to the Dangerous Dogs Act’s list of banned breeds “by the end of the year”, many bully-type dogs across the UK are facing an uncertain future.

Despite being referred as Breed Specific Legislation, Section One of the Dangerous Dogs Act has nothing to do about breed: it bans ‘types’ of dogs, and all kinds of crosses could be ‘typed’ accordingly on no basis other than their looks and some measurements, regardless of what breeds are actually in the mix.

“It will soon become illegal for pet charities such as Blue Cross to rehome them, even if assessments find they are good-natured and pose no danger”

“The XL bully is not registered or defined by the Kennel Club here in the UK because it is a mixed breed type, resulting from crossing several large bull breeds,” says Blue Cross in a statement.

“While the implications of this new law are still very uncertain, we do know that owners of dogs deemed to be of this type will need to apply for their pet to go on a register of exemption.

“But the situation is far bleaker for homeless dogs of the XL bully type. It will soon become illegal for pet charities such as Blue Cross to rehome them, even if assessments find they are good-natured and pose no danger. Devastatingly, the only option will be euthanasia.”

Race against time to rehome Lune, who might be typed as a XL bully

While the law is expected to come into force in the next months, Blue Cross fears that the ban on rehoming XL bully ‘types’ may be only weeks away. Should Luna be ‘typed’ as an XL bully according to whatever criteria will be chosen, her life will be at risk. This is why Blue Cross is seeking a home for her before that happens.

Ryan Neile, Head of Blue Cross Behaviour Services, says, “We are appealing for dog lovers with experience of large bull breeds and with private, enclosed land to consider giving Luna a shot at life.

“It is no small undertaking; if Luna is eventually typed as an XL bully, there will be lots of red tape and regulations for a new owner to abide by. This will include the need to wear a muzzle and lead whenever she is out in public, for life. But with the right training, which Luna has already started, this can be a happy experience.”

“We don’t believe a dog’s safety and temperament can be judged by a measuring tape. Dogs like Luna deserve a chance to be adopted”

Becky Thwaites, Head of Public Affairs at Blue Cross, adds, “We don’t know exactly what this legislation looks like yet, or how XL bullies will be defined, due to a lack of clarity from the government. But based on the existing law for other banned types, there will likely be an application process for Luna’s potential new owner to go through to get her on the index of exempted dogs.

“We recognise the need to protect the public from harm, but we do not believe this is the most effective way to do this. This law is being rushed through and will unfairly discriminate against many good-natured dogs like Luna, who has proved herself to be a loving pet in foster care and has passed rigorous behaviour testing.

“Many dogs that are seized as illegal breeds under the existing law are in fact well-behaved dogs with responsible owners, who just have the misfortune to have the wrong measurements. We don’t believe a dog’s safety and temperament can be judged by a measuring tape. Dogs like Luna deserve a chance to be adopted.”

Luna is described as ‘sociable and gentle’, and can live with cats or other dogs, as well as potentially teenage children with experience of large bull breeds. If you’d like to find out more about adopting Luna, visit her rehoming profile or email helpluna@bluecross.org.uk.


  1. It’s sickening. In the 50’s it was Alsatians, then the Dobermans and Rottweilers, lately Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and now XL’s.
    When will people understand it’s ghe owners,
    not the dogs.

  2. Good luck little one, I am sure a lovely person will open their heart to you. If I could have that would have been me, but fingers and toes crossed someone will hear your call xx

  3. I have a cane corso that’s 14 months old and I’m not looking forward to her breed being next on this list or having to abide by the regulations just because she looks similar to an XL bully.

  4. I’m sorry, but over summer I witnessed two bullies attack an 8 year old boy and a Dad in our village. The poor kid was off school for weeks with severe chest injuries. I put the life of a child before the life of a potentially lethal dog! It’s ridiculous these dogs have been allowed for so long!

    • no need for ypur comment. keep your negative judgemental comments to yourself trying to cause a debate when we are tryingntonfondns home tona loving fog that’s breed has a bad name

    • Surprising people with mentality have been allowed to walk around this long. Prob same kinda person who has an incident with one member of a race and then thinks they are all bad. Some backwards thinking. All these centuries. And u decide to live in la la land. Innocent k9 lives will be taken. Because of people like u. I guarantee you more children have been harmed by men today then bullies… Quick put all the men down?!?: So basic minded. So many family’s are going to be ripped apart or made homeless for not murdering their family member. for a few irresponsible owners. And your wondering why these dogs have been allowed so long… Take a long hard look . You and people so fearful off life like you have brought this ban of thousands of dogs of certain height. And you condone this murder.
      And eye for an eye. Would leave the whole world blind. For shame.

  5. So how about the XL bully rehomed by Dog’s Trust who mauled their owner and escaped a few days ago into a primary school car park. They had gone through their processes for rehoming and still this dog has left the owner hospitalised. Rehome these dogs and accept that you have blood on your hands if those known hair trigger responses, coupled with the huge strength, results in more inevitable injuries and deaths. At least be upfront that anyone taking on these dogs as rescues MUST be incredibly experienced with large breeds, and commited to following precautions to keep innocent bystanders and neighbours safe. One of these dogs tried to lunge at my baby in a carrier and I have been left traumatised and scared to take my children out. These dogs do not have a greater right to living in our communities than we and our children do to use public spaces safely.

  6. My son has been told he has a bully even though she doesn’t fit the type
    She is a soppy great pudding who would rather lick than bite you
    She was rescued
    She goes on a short lead and muzzled and my son is in complete control of her
    I think the government is stupid
    All dogs have the power to do damage to a child but not if they are controlled and trained properly


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