Spanish inmate allowed to see dying dog in prison

a spanish inmate was granted permission to meet his dying dog

A Spanish inmate has been granted permission to meet his dog one last time before euthanasia is carried out due to the dog’s ill health.

The man, who is currently incarcerated in the Martutene prison in San Sebastian, in the Basque Country of northeast Spain, petitioned to be allowed to see his deathly ill dog one more time before euthanasia is carried out.

While his request was at first denied, the decision was reversed by a judge following a psychological evaluation of the inmate, as well as a vet certificate confirming that the dog would soon be put to sleep.

As animal are usually not allowed in Spanish prisons, this is widely considered an exceptional case. Last year, another Spanish inmate, detained in Zaragoza, had asked to see his dying pet – but his request was denied.

The meeting will have to take place following strict rules. The dog will need to be accompanied by a family member of the inmate; the dog will need to be muzzled; and last, the inmate himself will have to clean up any dog waste left in the facility.


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