Dog training just got easier!

dog training

In a recent survey of over 1,000 dog owners, only 49 per cent of respondents had ever been to a formal training class, whilst a whopping 94 per cent had undertaken some type of dog training at home.

The BIG idea behind the new Coachi training range was to create products that were consumer friendly, simple to shop and most importantly easy to use and understand!
The same survey revealed that 99.5 per cent of dog owners believe that rewarding a dog for good behaviour is an acceptable training and learning method, which was an overwhelming positive response!

The Coachi range is suitable or all puppies and dogs 8+ weeks and is perfect for tackling the challenges presented to all new and existing dog owners, as well as providing new innovation for those more experienced, such as dog trainers and professionals. After all, every day is a training day!

Not surprisingly the most required dog behaviour was a reliable recall, with stay and sit also being a popular need. To support dog owners in their training product choices, the Coachi range has been uniquely divided into three simple colour coded categories: Learn, Play and Fun & Tricks, to cover all stages of dog training and development.

Learn: Recall & Manners, is the first stage and focuses on learning the basics of social behaviour through positive and rewarding experiences.

Play: Play & Reward, is the second stage and focuses on engaging through play to develop a positive and happy relationship with our dogs.

Fun & Tricks: Tricks & Retrieval, is the last stage and is all about offering our pets extra fun, strengthening the bond between dog and owner, helping us all to raise confident dogs.

Making training easy, approachable and fun for all! For more information on the Coachi range, please visit our website:


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