Spaniel Aid charity ‘muzzled by Facebook’

Facebook taking down Spaniel Aid posts

Spaniel Aid, an animal welfare charity bent on finding homes for spaniels, is accustomed to difficult work. However, now their work is made harder by an unexpected threat: Facebook.

Like many similar charities, Spaniel Aid uses the social media platform, part of Meta, to tell people about dogs ready for adoption. But now, Facebook has started removing the posts, saying they violate community standards.

With most of the traffic to the adoption page comes from Facebook, the removal of these posts is a blow to the charity.

Spaniel Aid founder and trustee Nicola Kebbell said, “Facebook has removed several of our adoption posts recently, including one for a litter of pups born to Rose, a rescue dog, while she was in foster. Rose came in to us already pregnant, and we are a registered charity trying to find homes for her puppies.”

Mrs Kebbell went on to say, “We find it ironic that a scam Facebook page pretending to be Spaniel Aid is still up, despite us having complained numerous times, but our posts are being taken down.”

The charity says it has successfully appealed when posts have been taken down in the past, and Facebook has admitted a mistake. But this time it refused the appeal and put the charity on a thirty day warning.

A spokesperson for Spaniel Aid said, “We know Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg is a dog lover, his dog Beast had his own Facebook account. So we’re appealing to him and any other animal lovers at Meta to let us do what we do best – find loving homes for spaniels in need.

“This is a tough time for animal charities like Spaniel Aid. Money is short, more people than ever are asking us to take in their dogs and find them new homes, and now we could lose one of our main channels of communication with our supporters and potential adopters. Please Facebook, don’t make it any harder for us to survive!”


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