Sign the petition to save the Kept Animals Bill

Kept Animals Bill petition

Following the disappinting U-turn from the Government, which saw the long-promised Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill dropped, a Conservative MP has started an online Petition calling for the decision to be reversed – and for the Kept Animals Bill to complete its journey through Parliament in order to become law.

Andrea Jenkins MP said, “I have launched a petition to reverse the decision not to proceed with the Animal Welfare Bill. We wish for the Government to reverse its decision to scrap the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill. The Bill was introduced by the Government and was supported through its second Reading and Committee Stage.”

“Iā€™m extremely disappointed to hear that the Government is dropping the Animal Welfare Bill”

She added, “The Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill set out a series of ambitious measures for the protection of animals, such as mechanisms to reduce puppy smuggling, prohibit the import of dogs with cropped ears, and review zoo standards to ensure more animals are protected under the scope of UK Law.”

The Bill, which would have also introduced the new crime of dog abduction in a bid to tackle the issue of dog theft, remained stuck in Parliament for a long time despite repeated calls to resume the proceedings and turn it into law.


While Mark Spencer ā€“ the Environment, Food And Rural Affairs Minister ā€“ said that the Bill has been dropped due to a “lack of parliamentary time”, there have since been rumours that the Conservative Government wished to avoid the risk of a crackdown on trail hunting, which is often a thin smokescreen to hide illegal fox hunts.

Andrea Jenkins suggested something similar herself over the course of a Times Radio interview. When asked why the Bill was dropped she said that, to her understanding, there was concern about “other things being tagged on in the final stages”.

You can sign the petition to bring back the Kept Animals Bill here.


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