IOPC to investigate killing of two dogs by Met Police [Warning: upsetting image]

Met Police shooting dogs

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has announced an investigation into the actions of Met Police, following the shooting two dogs and which took place in Poplar, east London, on Sunday 7 May.

The incident, during which the man in charge of the dogs was tasered, was captured on video and quickly went viral. The Met, who had arrived at the scene following reports of a dog attack, approached Louie Turnbull, who had the two dogs on lead. While the dogs barked at the approaching officers, neither is shown attacking the officers, who nonetheless shot one of the on-lead dogs and tasered the owner, who then attempted to flee.

While some officers went after Mr. Turnbull, others attempted to grab the second dog, and afterwards shot him at close range as he screamed, while Mr. Turnbull was held to the ground and detained a short distance away. The entire scene played out under the eyes of horrified onlookers, some of whom recorded the encounter. Both dogs, called Marshall and Millions, were killed at the scene. Millions was nine months old.

Met Police later stated that the “aggressive behaviour of two dogs was of considerable concern and posed a significant threat to them”, although the video shows both dogs on lead, and making no attempt to attack the officers prior to the shooting. The IOPC investigation was opened following complaints from people who witnessed the incident, and the IOPC determined they required independent investigation.

IOPC regional director Amanda Rowe said, “We understand the public concern regarding this incident and it is appropriate that it should be independently investigated. We will examine whether the actions of the officers involved were reasonable and proportionate in all of the circumstances and in line with relevant policy and procedure.”

Since the incident occurred, hundreds thousands of people have signed a petition calling for the Met Police to be “held accountable for the barbaric killing of two leashed dogs”. Charity Dogs On The Streets, who supports homeless people and their dogs, has started a legal fund.

Clinical animal behaviourists Dr Kendal Shepherd and Helen Howell, who are are routinely engaged to assess dogs which have been seized by the police as ‘dangerous’, said in a statement, “It is immediately apparent from videos of the incident circulating on social media, that the attending officers had little experience in how to recognise or deal with the unit that is comprised of any owner accompanied by their dogs. Arriving already brandishing handcuffs, tasers and shot guns is not the way to go about it.

“We believe that the inevitable escalation of this incident to its most unnecessary and distressing conclusion is not the fault of the responding officers themselves. There is an evident lack of appropriate training in how to best manage such a situation, which must take any dog’s emotions and perspective into account as a priority.

“Whatever the severity of injury a dog may have caused (in this case, the allegedly mauled victim did not need hospital treatment), the essential nature of non-threatening communication and negotiation with both species must be recognised and implemented, if needless deaths are to be avoided.”


  1. These police officers need to be held accountable. I can’t even write on here my feelings/thoughts of anger over this incident.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you. The police officers conduct was appalling they literally cornered that poor man and his poor dogs pushing them into a quieter area. The dogs were under control and showing no aggression. Despite this the police shot both dogs who were clearly petrified and tasered the owner. I thought the police were supposed to serve and protect not bully and persecute. It was a total disgrace and totally un-necessary. The police need to be held accountable or no one can feel safe walking their dog again

  2. It’s disgusting is what it is. I signed the petition and asked my neighbours to do so bot dog lovers, they refused, instead believing the rubbis msinstream medea, or even worse, facebook are spouting. I quote:

    “The dogs had already attacked a woman and the owner had released the dogs to attack the dog handler when they were shot. The dogs had been released to attack causing a threat to life, the only guilty party was the dogs owner who was also aggressive which is why he was tasered.”

    I watched the video, I’ll not ever forget it. Everything that he said was rubbish. All thecevidence is on the video, the kind of rubbish fake news he spouted does more harm than good.

    • I think i see the video of that woman screaming. Would you think that woman could stand if that dog mauled here? What i saw was a racist karen on street screaming like nuts.

      • I agree, i saw that video. I want to know why the main stream media didnt follow up on this.
        It makes me so sad and angry

    • The dogs had attacked another dog leaving it with bite wounds on the head and belly
      The woman was pushed over into the road.
      Another dog owner was reportedly attacked the day before.
      The dogs were American Pit Bulls – banned dogs.
      The owner was banned from owning dogs, which usually only happens following previous reports of attacks or fighting or neglect.
      The owner refused to stop when told to.
      The owner released the first dog towards the Met Officers. That’s when they shot it.
      When the second dog was released from the hoop it started running towards the officers that were detaining the owner. That’s when that one was shot.
      I own 4 dogs and would never want anything to happen to them, but these dogs were a threat, and his handling of them was what caused the problem

      • I don’t know where you got your information from but so much of it it is incorrect and superstition. Here are the facts as they are known. There was a minor incident which left a dog with superficial wounds which had healed within two days. The owner said she tripped after getting tangled in her own lead and that she was not bitten and did not need hospital treatment. In fact she did not want the police called and has been left distraught by the killing of the two dogs and has asked the police why they shot the dogs.
        The police were contacted by someone who gave false information stating that a woman had been mauled. Not only did the police fail to investigate the report instead of sending officers to talk calmly to the owner of the two dogs they sent 7 officers out onto the street already brandishing handcuffs, tasers and guns. These officers were filmed following the owner shouting and brandishing their weapons whilst he tried to return to his barge with his two leashed dogs. Neither dog was released by the owner before he was tasered. The first dog Marshall was recklessly shot in the head whilst still on a lead in close proximity to his owner and onlookers and left dying in pain after he lunged forward after seemingly becoming distressed by all the commotion. The owner was then tasered which caused him to drop the lead of Millions a 9 month old puppy who was caught in a catchpole by the police and then for some reason released by them and then tasered and shot 4 times from behind as he tried to get back to his owner who was lying on the floor in pain.
        The dogs were American Bullies not Pit Bulls and are not a banned breed. The reason the owner was banned has not been released to the public but the owner has freely admitted that he has suffered with mental health issues in the past. It is true the owner did not stop when asked to but I’m not sure how many of us would in this situation especially considering the reputation of the Met police.
        The RSPCA, BVA and two clinical dog behaviourists who are involved in BSL assessments for the police and a retired Met Firearms officer, amongst others have condemned the actions of the police on welfare grounds and stated it was wholly disproportionate.
        The Met police involved did not adhere to their own policy and procedures and the IOPC are carrying out an independent investigation into their actions.

      • You are working for the police, shame on you for spreading lies, thank God everything was filmed, even the so called incident with that white puddle and his hysterical owner, where clearly you can see how calm the dogs are with no physical contact at all. And most of all everyone can see what happened on this horrible day. That’s way we all want justice. It’s despicable what happened. And you Archie Brand are a stupid liar and a coward, you are part of that evil and you also should be punished for that.

      • Have you actually watched the video, those poor dog where calm sitting by there owners feet, the met police have well and truly fucked up this time. Murdering those poor fur baby in cold blood

      • They were NOT pitbulls. They did not attack someone, it was an alleged attack. The dog had nowhere to go once they stupidly let go of the catch pole. The MET are an embarrassment.

      • I think you got it completely wrong. Where did you get this information from? Are u working for the police maybe and trying to hide this under the carpet. The whole world now has seen what happened. Those dogs were killed in a barbaric way with no reason. The police officer who pulled the trigger has to pay for the damage he caused, Millions of people are shocked at this.

      • Watch the video of the woman who was “attacked” the dogs went no where near her or her dog. She was crazy. It was a false police report.

      • Wow aren’t you horrible at attempting to spin the narrative or facts and if it were you in this situation you wouldn’t think it was funny. Another keyboard warrior embellishing to the max. Congrats on being part of the problem

  3. As a person who has conducted wildlife management, livestock protection and is a licensed firearms owner and veteran, what I saw on the video on social media constituted as no threat to human life. The dogs were on leads under control by a man questioning under his rights to do so the grounds of the stop. There appeared to be no de escalation of the situation instead the majority of aggression was being put out from the officers on scene.

    The officer traps the dog as the man is teasered and what appears to show the animal is also tasered ( this is the high pitch squealing you hear ) and the animal slips the trap and runs back towards its owner stressed and under duress. At this point an officer chases the animal which can’t run fully as it’s tied to animal already downed and is executed from behind..

    Where is the threat !!! With 6 years military service operating overseas on tour I am telling you now there is no legal standing from the videos I have seen to back up this claim.

    Had this been a human that would be an unlawful murder charge right there !!

    The owner isn’t legally allowed to own an animal ( which needs to be answered ) but the report of a women being attacked with no reported injury smells like bs to me.

    • I’m curious to know – when the second dog was dragging the body of the first towards the 2 policemen detaining the owner, why do you think that is not a threat. When it gets there, however slowly it is going, what do you think it is going to do? Lick them?

    • You are completly right the owner was asking the police to leave him alone he was not aggressive neither were the dogs.
      These police officers should not be in the force they are evil murdering innocent animals who were harmless. Have you seen the video of him on the train with his loving harmless dogs kissing him. They didn’t have a dangerous bone in their body. The women rang the police & then tried to say she didn’t.
      I always find people who hate animals are always horrible people they are cold characters without a heart.
      Scum of the earth are the liars on here who are just narcissistic animal haters. It’s very clear to see they were harmless and obviously very frightened with the police shouting and acting aggressive.

    • The officer who had the dog under control, you see him turn to the armed officer and say something, probably along the lines of ‘I’ll let it go, then you do your bit’. Poor dog is released and only tried to run away due to it’s treatment, and the armed officer did his job,!
      That was the same officer who escalated all of it. You could hear him saying ‘there’s only one way this is going end’ when they followed Louie down the street.
      Hope justice isn’t done.
      Hope Louie is ok.

  4. There’s no defending their actions, just usual met police mentality, you know it’s wrong when you witness one of the officer’s at the end try and cover his face, why, you’ve already been videoed being involved in the unnecessary killing of 2 animals.
    It’ll be interesting when the enquiry verdict is announced, I expect the usual bs.. . We will learn from this!

  5. Why weren’t the dogs tranquilized and why were all the police there with a weapons , surely it wasn’t for the dogs . All the police in this incident should be sacked disgraceful.

  6. The videos are haunting. It’s made me cry. Multiple times. Thoughts go out to the owner, it’s like two of your best friends being shot and killed in front of you (regardless of his legal ability to own an animal – the animals could have been tranquilized and taken to a shelter, which seems to be the very least they could have done). The lack of humane treatment shown is beyond belief. Equally my thoughts go out to the poor dogs who lost their lives due to what seems like pure hearsay.

    I knew this sort of thing has happened in America for years but I’m disgusted that this has happened in the UK. Thought we were better than this…

  7. It’s disgusting that police can’t do there job like normal people, why was there armed police there in the first place, didn’t need to shoot a dog with a taser, why couldn’t they have used tranquilizers to make them sleep, that’s what normal people would expect not murder 2 animals who was also on leads, not to say they also squash a man, to me it was a free for all by the police, didn’t have to be there like a gang like manner, disgusting behaviour from grown men, what a joke shame they can’t be tried for murdering 2 animals

  8. Disgusting behaviour that second dog showed NO sign of aggression he was wagging his little tail. So police officers can kidnap rape and kill people gun down innocent animals what is the police force coming too absolutely disgraceful

    • No its not accident they killed the two dog and where is the justice for the man ? And also the karen and police are the responsible for this issue the world is so unfair

  9. Even if owner was banned from owning a dog,the behaviour of 7or 8 riot geared gunned officerrs throwing slurs and threats at a man clearly trying to get their pups away from danger. To them tasering them, and shooting them. Letting a scared and not vicious dog of the bar just to shoot them while they running for their life. Without properly Investigating reports. This if it was on human would be classes as raccist first degree murder. But oh no they were bully mixes owned by an owner banned and Karen tripped over a leash. The dogs were under control, the second was clearly scared and in distress and they choose to kill it instead of helping.. I hope Karma finds all officers involved.

  10. The officers are so disgusting. I’m so disappointed with the way you handle the situation. Really, you have to shoot the dogs for what? for barking at you? kung hindi ba naman kayo isang kamoteng pulpol e. the dog is designed to response for any harm can be occurred towards the fur dad/owner. For them you are a threat, that is why they barked at you fools. Pranly speaking, i dont know how the IOPC would handle the investigation. But the video shows no other explanation. I’ve seen no threat towards you mga gunggong!!!!!

  11. Absolutely outrageous, disgusting behaviour from the police. Going after 2 dogs and an owner based on terrible information from a woman.. no justice, the police should have asked questions before acting so violently. What a shame!! Heartbreaking, because 2 dogs barked to protect their owner ( doing a great job) they were shot because of their breed!!

  12. It’s clear what happened in the video a bunch of apes decided they wanted to kill something on that day so they murdered a man’s dogs that were not a threat , may they burn in hell . I hate the U.K. police so much .

  13. Filthy pigs hope they end the same or worse. How can you trust police if they cover up one another disgusting you ain’t even human beings. Catching weed smokers killing innocent dogs and protecting paedos in royal family well done I bet your families are proud of you.

  14. This was the worst case of barbaric cruelty I’ve ever seen. Police were out to shoot those dogs for no valid reason. I hope they are held accountable for the distress, cruelty and dishonour of the badge they wear.

  15. They were NOT pitbulls. I wish people would bother to check before spouting rubbish. It was an ‘alleged attack’, noone went to hospital, no proof, no blood round the dogs mouths, they were relaxed and walking home with Louie, they didn’t look het up after a fight, they did not try and attack the officers. The cop with the catch pole released it on purpose. They are scum and we will get justice #justiceformarshallandmillions

  16. We dont trust the police anymore this execution of two loving pets could have been sorted out with a bag of treats instead.
    The lot of them need to be fired and punished he needs that firearms licence taken off him before he kills something else he shouldnt.

  17. The only thing that was dangerously out of control on that day was THE MET POLICE! those dogs were well under control and no threat to anyone, the just wanted to go home!
    Absolutely disgusting response from the police, and we are suppose to reuse these people! NOT…

  18. Absolutely disgusting and cruel no reason. For this to have happened hope there held accountable for there actions

  19. Archie Brand you are working for the police, shame on you for spreading lies, thank God everything was filmed, even the so called incident with that white puddle and his hysterical owner, where clearly you can see how calm the dogs are with no physical contact at all. And most of all everyone can see what happened on this horrible day. That’s why we all want justice. It’s despicable what happened. And you Archie Brand are a stupid liar and a coward, you are part of that evil and you also should be punished for that.

  20. The Met Police officers involved in this need to go as this was nothing but a despicable and cruel act of ignorance on their behalf, why have we got idiots like this in our force who are supposed to protect and serve everyone and not just their blood thirst for killing. The Met should hang their head in shame once they pull it out from where ever they have buried it. There is far too much evidence showing that these dogs were not out of control, and there are numerous photos of them travelling in a tube, and that is somewhere which would cause aggression and that’s just going by the some of the people that use the tube. So met police, you have this so wrong and you now need to put something in place so that this does not happen again

    • These 7 police office should be removed their duties and put jail..including the crazy woman who falsely accusing the dogs for attacking her..her fake news started this lost souls..i thought all police officers are highly trained cause they know we defend our lives on them..being ignorant is not an excuse.shame on them( Dog killer).they should not call them selves a hero..they should be behind bars..i can not imagine theirs kids will react after seeing the video footage..

  21. These 7 police office should be removed their duties and put jail..including the crazy woman who falsely accusing the dogs for attacking her..her fake news started this lost souls..i thought all police officers are highly trained cause they know we defend our lives on them..being ignorant is not an excuse.shame on them( Dog killer).they should not call them selves a hero..they should be behind bars..i can not imagine theirs kids will react after seeing the video footage..

  22. This was the most distressing incident I have ever seen. The fact that police, those you should trust, were cruel, heartless morons. The met police are a set of corrupt, thoughtless, barbaric excuses for humans. It’s time they closed down the met.
    People will not rest until justice is served for these two dogs, no fobbing off or evading the issue this time.

  23. They wasnt a threat all
    Dogs shown no sign of agression
    Louie may have dropped the lead but if you look closely he had hold of the harness of Millions so they were on a joint lead so couldn’t of attacked the police knew this already. Even when they was harrassed by the police they didnt growl show agression or anything.
    The police also released the puppy intentionally off the loop poie and the puppy was running to its owner even when provoked no dog shown agression. So I disagree with your comment. Them poor dogs could of easily been seized and assessed properly. The dogs are also not pitbulls but xl bullys .
    I wouldnt of handed my dogs over either the police wanted to shoot them dogs from the start and a witness stated the officer said lets just shoot them when he arrived.
    If you think them dogs acted aggressive then you are giving the police free rain to be jury judge and executor all in one.


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