Could you adopt a lifesaver like Stevie the Greyhound?

Lifesaving Greyhound Steve

Feast your eyes on superstar, lifesaver, endurance runner, couch potato, and best friend Stevie the greyhound blood donor! Here’s a little bit of Stevie’s story from his forever family…

“Stevie’s six years old, we adopted him in March 2020 from Greyhound Trust. We got interested in looking at a greyhound after seeing a clip on Crufts about how much of a good pet they make.  He settled in very quickly, and quickly found his way upstairs and tucked himself into our bed. He goes with us everywhere and is great travelling.

“He is the kindest dog ever, every person that meets him falls in love with him. He regularly donates to the pet blood bank and is a complete star. He also did the 5k muddy dog run with me, I was worried that he wouldn’t do it all because he’s a complete couch potato, but he absolutely loved being with other dogs and completely smashed the 5k.”

Did you know that greyhounds commonly donate blood and are the most used breed in blood donation for dogs? Not only do they have a blood type that can be used for most dogs, they also have such a placid nature that they are perfect to work with for these life saving donations. This is also what makes them such calm and composed companions!

You can follow what Stevie is up to, along with more information about his donations to Pet Blood Bank at @steviethegreyhound on Instagram. Check out Crufts this year to see Greyhound Trust’s Hound Lounge, a fan favourite that allows people to come along and meet the dogs! If you’re thinking about adopting a greyhound, use our branch locator to find your closest Greyhound Trust.

This is a guest post by Greyhound Trust. Want to write for us? Visit or email


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