Great Debate: Should a basic pet insurance be mandatory?

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Pet insurance is something many recommend to ensure money will be no object should your pet be in need of expensive veterinary care – as a matter of fact, many consider it one of the tenets of responsible dog ownership. But should it be mandatory to take out at least a basic insurance for your dog’s health?

With one in ten dog owners being forced into debt by their dog’s health care costs, according to a survey carried out by Dogs Trust, and the cost of living crisis nowhere near the end, it’s no surprise that more and more people struggle to pay vet bills. Some say that while insurance is advisable, it is not something that should be made mandatory, as it is a personal choice of the owners – and that with premiums often going up, some people may be better off keeping savings aside specifically for the care of their dog.

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Others feel that while the owner makes the choice, the pet is the one who suffers if vet care is needed and their family cannot afford it. Those who argue for mandatory pet insurance say it would go a long way to keep owners from having to take the heartbreaking decision to give up their dogs – or having to put put them to sleep – because they cannot afford paying unexpected bills or life-saving surgery.

What do you think – should a basic pet insurance be mandatory for dog owners?

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