Prime Minister urged to end the import of mutilated dogs

doberman with cropped ears

Canine charity Dogs Trust is calling for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to “make good on Conservative election promises” and progress with vital legislation to ban the import of mutilated dogs in the UK.

The appeal comes shortly after the publication of a study on the demographics of cropped dogs in the UK, which shows the majority of these dogs have been imported from abroad. Ear cropping is illegal across the UK as well as in the EU; it is however not illegal to sell or import dogs with cropped ears. Yet more dogs are cropped in the UK, and passed off as imported to avoid charges.

The importation of mutilated dogs is banned in the Kept Animals Bill, which however has not progressed through Parliament since 2021, and has yet to proceed to the House of Lords.

cane corso with mutilated ears

Dogs Trust Veterinary Director, Paula Boyden, says, “The Kept Animals Bill would help to protect countless dogs from horrific mistreatment and has widespread public support and MP backing. So why, Prime Minister, has it not progressed since November 2021?

“While the Government delays, countless dogs, including imported dogs with cropped ears and illegally smuggled puppies and heavily pregnant mums, continue to suffer at the hands of unscrupulous traders. We’ve waited long enough.

“We’re asking our dog-loving nation to stand with us. Email the Prime Minister today – and demand that his Government delivers on its manifesto commitment to end the needless suffering of puppies and dogs. Stop the suffering. Bring back the Bill.”

Anyone wishing to support the campaign to bring back the Bill can email the Prime Minister here.


  1. It is a noble cause to urge the Prime Minister to end the import of mutilated dogs. Such importation not only causes immense suffering to animals, but also promotes inhumane and unethical practices. The Prime Minister can take action by implementing stricter animal welfare laws, increasing border control measures to stop the illegal trade of mutilated dogs, and working with international organizations to raise awareness about the issue. The government can also provide support for animal shelters and rescue organizations that help care for and rehome abused animals. By taking these steps, the Prime Minister can help to protect animals and promote a more humane society.

  2. This sickens me. I want it stopped as imports but how can we condone people here that have moved from other parts of the world and do not see it as cruel!!! Please do not mutilate just for the ‘look’. accept the dogs as they were intended. Do not fall for fashion! This has already happened with the crossbreeding!!!!! PLEASE STOP THIS. Mrs Penelope Spencer


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