Adoptober: dogs seeking homes after years in kennels


The RSPCA’s 11 longest-stay dogs, who have spent combined 15.5 years in kennels, are looking for a new home this Adoptober. Could it be yours?

Four-year-old terrier Yoko arrived at Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home, Gloucestershire, in May 2021 and has been patiently waiting for her forever home for a very long 19 months. He’s a cheeky chap with a big personality but he has a strong hunting drive so will need owners who understand this. He’s very clever and needs lots of stimulation to keep him busy.

Lurcher Clover has been waiting at Bristol Animal Rescue Centre for her forever home for almost 18 months. She’s an active and clever girl who loves spending time with people and playing with bouncy balls. She’s got a high chase instinct so will need to be kept on the lead when out walking but loves to run free in a secure garden or paddock. This loving and affectionate girl is looking for her perfect match and would ideally like an adult-only home without other pets.

Ten-year-old German Shepherd Jake has spent almost two years waiting for his forever home at RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre, Hertfordshire. He’s a sweet, affectionate boy who loves sitting with you for cuddles and going on long walks. He’s described as ‘everybody’s best friend’ but can be a little nervous of other dogs which causes him to bark so he’s looking for a home with experienced owners who can help him moving forwards.

RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre is hoping to find a special home for a pair of beautiful Alaskan Malamutes who have been in their care for 18 months. Six-year-old Joe and eight-year-old Zac had been living as part of a large pack at a site in Wales and have never lived inside a home before. They’d like a home without other pets or children and ideally would go to someone with experience of the breed. They are big boys (at more than 30kg each) and have big hearts with lots of love to give to the right people.


Four-year-old German shepherd cross Kobe was brought overseas as a puppy before moving to the UK. He was taken in by Stubbington Ark, Hampshire, and has been waiting over a year for his forever home. He can be reactive towards strangers and dogs so needs continued training. He has formed close bonds with our staff and acts like a big puppy around them. He loves toys, cuddles on the sofa and playing new games and learning tricks.

Three-year-old Akita Gucci has been in the RSPCA’s care at Little Valley Animal Shelter, in Devon, for a total of 16 months. The team were thrilled when she was rehomed earlier this year but, sadly, she was returned when she struggled to settle in. She doesn’t cope being inside a house so is looking for a home where she can live in outdoor kennels. She’s looking for a quiet home where she’ll be the only pet with a large garden or secure paddock where she can run and play.


Three-year-old husky-cross Big Patch arrived at RSPCA Ashley Heath Animal Centre, Dorset, in January and has been waiting 10 months for a new home. He’d been kept locked in a porch without much food or exercise, was underweight and covered in urine stains. He found a new home over the summer but, after just a few hours, his owners returned him because he was too strong and boisterous for them. He’s a lovely, clever dog who is very playful and needs owners who can give him lots of exercise and keep him occupied.

Elderly Akita Kuzey has been waiting over a year to find his forever home – but adopters are being put off by his age and some health problems. The 10-year-old is being cared for by the team at RSPCA Blackberry Animal Centre, in Buckinghamshire, but keeps being overlooked by potential families. He’s sweet, playful, loves gentle walks and could live with a family but would like to be the only pet. He has some separation anxiety so will need to learn that it’s okay being left home alone.

Two-year-old crossbreed Cody has been patiently waiting at RSPCA Martlesham Animal Centre, in Suffolk, for the right home for over 14 months but is struggling to find the right match due to his nerves. He can be frightened of new people and new situations so needs someone who is willing to give him time to settle in and get to know him. Once he knows you, he’s a playful, affectionate boy who loves his toys and is very clever. He needs an experienced home with owners who can commit to his ongoing training and behaviour needs.

Three-year-old Staffie cross Rupert is a unique boy who broke everyone’s hearts when he arrived at RSPCA Brighton 20 months ago from another charity. He was so shut down and terrified of people it took a long time for him to gain enough confidence to venture outside. He has blossomed but is still nervous so needs a very special home with someone who will give him the time and patience he needs. He loves other dogs, has learned lots of tricks, loves to play with his toys and enjoys going for car rides.


Seven-year-old Japanese Akita Maggie has sadly spent two years at RSPCA Westmorland Branch, in Cumbria, during an investigation and court case which was delayed due to Covid. Now the sweet gentle giant is ready to start her new life in a wonderful new home. She’s a big girl who is looking for an owner with large breed experience. She likes her own company and would like to be the only pet in an adult home. She loves fuss and attention, and even knows lots of tricks and commands!


  1. I am certain that Asda are selling ” silent ” fireworks. It may be worth checking. I have a Shih Tzu with no problems but several Armed Forces Veterans I help will definitely benefit

    • Completely agree. I volunteered at an RSPCA branch for years, it was a stray centre with a high rate of euthanasia. I was looking for a dog after my 13 year old border collie died. You would think that I had enough experience, but no. I can’t have a dog because I live in a house with a yard…. even though I live a few hundred yards from a massive nature reserve. They make my blood boil

  2. I love them all but especially interested in Rupert. I have a 14 year old staffie called Dandy who is a girl
    She loves other dogs in fact I’m a cinnamon foster .

  3. We have rehomed 7 dogs 4 staffies one real problem but we held on one used for baiting a darling a very bad collie battersea lunatic who would jump 6 ft fence our last molly badly abused she is so missed lost her last July 14 but without a garden near huge park nothing!!it makes us very cross yes live in first floor flat but many dog owners here never take dogs out lock them in garden night too

  4. I love all of them. I can no longer manage the big, lively ones. There is such a lot of love I have to give and a lifetime of experience with dogs. I am at home all the time. I am looking for a small dog now, a Shi tzu, a poodle etc ..

  5. Would love to be able to offer Kobe a new home, he reminds me of my previous crossbreed dog who turned into an angel after being a very naughty teenager!! But sadly the time is not right. I have a senior cat who I took on last year when her owner died and it would not be fair on her never having lived with any other animal and having to share the TLC and attention.

  6. I have been looking for a small older both for 6 months without any luck. I have applied to lots of kennels but you don’t even get a reply. I have a secure garden and home all the time I have a 12 year old shih tzu who would dearly love a companion as I lost a cavalier earlier this year. I live in the West Midlands. I do wish somebody could help me.

  7. I would love to rehome an older dog but I don’t fit into the criteria that they expect so I either remain dogless or buy a puppy ( don’t shop adopt ) is impossible


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