Rescue dogs looking for a forever home

rescue dog Bella

Leicester Animal Aid is a rescue and rehoming centre for dogs and cats; they care for more than 400 dogs and cats each year, providing care for up to 40 dogs and 30 cats at any one time. Some of the dogs in their care have been there for some time, and are more than ready to find their forever home. Could it be yours, or that of someone you know?


‘Blossoming Bella’ here! I may be thinking of retirement but I’m not hanging up my paws just yet on those walks! I love being out and about and I am very spritely for my age. I do require on lead exercise when out as my prey drive is very high for an older lady and I will be off chasing those small furries! Give me squeaky toys and I will entertain myself for hours. Don’t worry – once I feel bonded with you I do like interaction, but this must be done at my own pace and I will tell you if you are going too fast!

I need a new owner who accepts me for the quirky girl I am, and understands that I am sensitive around my head area and that what’s mine, is mine! I am happy passing other dogs at a distance but do want to be the only pet in my new home due to my guarding behaviour and will require an adult only home without any visiting children.


‘Perfect Paul’ here! Like all our breed I am a real sweetheart and yes, you’ve guessed, it an ex-racer which – always makes me extra special but sadly unable to live with cats or small furries. I am new to this big wide world and quite sensitive but very affectionate and loving when we are together. I do have the tendency to steal food though, and keep it to myself so I’d prefer to live with teenage children.

I could potentially live with another large breed of dog and I travel well so ensure my place is booked on holidays! I can be a little unsure of new people and places but I just need my confidence to grow and more one to one time spent with me. A little further help with my housetraining overnight as well, and do keep me on the lead with my muzzle when we are out as I’m quick as a flash if I see those small animals.


‘Loveable Lewey’ here! A fantastic rescue pet with a very sweet and gentle nature. I am a sensitive soft soul who just wants to be loved and trust me – I give a lot back in return! I can lack a bit of confidence initially but I am very loyal and affectionate and enjoy my tummy tickles and playing with my toys. I hope you will share the fun with me.

I am housetrained and at eight years old you can rest assured that I do not chew anything when left alone; my toys and treats, plus a comfy armchair to snooze in, are enough.  I need a private, secure garden to call my own where I can exercise and play as I am very fearful of other dogs and children, so I do not enjoy going out for walks if there are other dogs around. I must be the only animal in my new home and without children so that I can enjoy a more laid-back and peaceful lifestyle.

If you are interested in any of our lovely rescue dogs please complete an Interested Parties Form found on our website.

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