How many canine toxins do you recognise? Take the survey

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Image by Angeles Balaguer on Pixabay

In 2019, nearly 11,000 people rang the Veterinary Poisons Information Service about accidental dog poisonings. This included enquiries involving over 16,000 toxic agents. These cases require immediate management and can potentially lead to death.

Research in the US found that only 52% of the population could identify potential toxins. However, the knowledge of the public in the United Kingdom is currently unknown.

My name is Simran Tanda, and I am a student veterinary nurse at the University of Bristol. I am aiming to use my dissertation to understand the public’s knowledge of dog toxins to improve current resources available to owners. The ultimate aim is to reduce the number of accidental poisoning cases and improve the health and welfare of dogs.

Please help by filing out the survey here. The survey takes a couple of minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.

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