Haven Rescue: saving Heidi and friends

Heidi at Haven Rescue

Haven  Rescue is a dog rescue in County Tipperary, Ireland. Set up by “a bunch of like-minded people hoping to make a difference”, they often take in and rehome former racing Greyhounds.

Orla Donohoe, of Haven Rescue, says, “At the moment, we are based in Roscrea, but we are happy to help any animal that we can. We have a very strong network of people and we work alongside a qualified and professional positive dog behaviourist/trainer.

“The rescue is solely run by volunteers who work completely from their homes, which they have opened up to love, care for and rehabilitate any animal that comes in to their care. We have 60-70 dogs in our care at present, so never a dull moment!”

She added, “We rehome all over Ireland, the UK, Sweden, Italy – and have even sent Greyhounds to America. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of the public. They have been amazing – from fundraising for us, to donating, to adopting to even sharing our posts on social media, they have been brilliant.”

One dog now looking for a home is Heidi, who arrived at Haven Rescue with an old injury – a badly broken hock, from an accident while racing in 2016.

Fosterers Susie and Dylan said, “Heidi is such a great lady, around seven years old with a lovely temperament. She is extremely clean in the house, letting you know when she needs to go every time.

“She has had a tough life up to now and deserves the best home. Sadly she has an injured hind leg from her racing days, but this doesn’t stop her from enjoying short regular walks, and she gets very excited when the lead comes out!”

“Heidi is currently on a daily painkiller for arthritis, and will likely need them for the rest of her life. She is very loving and gentle around adults. 

“She tends to ignore other dogs for the most part and can be slightly uncomfortable around them. This might be due to the injury, she may be afraid of getting a knock from other dogs. 

“Heidi is at her happiest when she is on the sofa in front of a roaring fire… or when the fridge opens! She is a truly lovely dog who deserves a truly lovely life.”

Images by Haven Rescue

For more information about Haven Rescue, visit their Facebook page. You can donate towards their vet bills here


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