Website to report unlicensed breeders and illegal puppy traders launched

Puppy virtual meeting

Following a “groundbreaking” jail sentence for an unlicensed breeder who sold sickly puppies, animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS and partners Animal Protection Services (APS) are launching an online reporting system called Stop Puppy Traders.

“The online form will allow concerned members of the public to report cases of unlicensed breeders and illegally imported puppies to the team,” FOUR PAWS says in a statement. “Investigators and prosecutors will scrutinise every report to build a case to take to court.”

James Parry, Solicitor of Parry and Welch Solicitors, says, “We have detected around 40 potential unlicensed breeders in the Lancaster area. To hear so many cases is ground-breaking, and we hope it sends a clear signal that this objectification of animals is no longer ok.”

Can dog breeding for profit be ethical?

Emily Wilson, FOUR PAWS Head of Campaigns, says, “We are delighted to be working with Animal Protection Services to give a voice to the animals who are overlooked and seen simple as profit-making.

“Whilst FOUR PAWS advocates an #adoptdontshop approach to pet ownership we understand that some people struggle to find the right pet for them and we want to offer support to those that have suffered at the hands of those callous breeders and traders.

“We believe Stop Puppy Traders will seek justice for victims of this low risk, high reward trade and demonstrate that such abuses cannot continue.”

If you have been affected by an unlicensed breeder or an illegally imported puppy, fill out the form here.


  1. I work for a G’v’t organisation that deals with fraudulent income, I come across several unlicensed puppy breeders per week. Is there an organisation that has any legal jurisdiction over them and can implement punitive measures?

    • it would be great to contact you. i know dog breeders who in theory should have a license, they are onto their 3rd breeding session. they are selling the pups for £5000 each. just had 10 pups today. obviously not declaring it and they are selling them as american bullies when actually they are not american bullies. people!


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