Saving Daisy and friends


Daisy is only two years old and has endured more cruelty than many dogs experience in their lifetime. She was left to die in agony on the streets of Borneo after her abuser tied a cable tightly around her neck.

A concerned member of the public notified our good friends at Borneo Animal Welfare Society, Sabah (BAWSS) about a helpless female dog who was suffering and in a truly awful state. It is believed she had been struggling to survive with the cable tied around her neck for two whole weeks before she was rescued and sent to our care. The pain and suffering this poor, innocent girl must have endured is unimaginable.

Upon rescue, Daisy was immediately sent to IAPWA‘s facility in Borneo for urgent treatment. Our veterinary team had to cut the cable very gently as it was tied so tightly by her abuser with an intent to ensure Daisy did not survive. Her wound has been cleaned and wrapped with a bandage to prevent any infection and she will now start her long road to recovery.

Daisy is now resting and eating well but, as expected, is very, very timid. We assume she is going to be very nervous and shaken from this awful act of cruelty for some time, but we will work with her to try and bring her confidence back. The abuse has affected her both physically and mentally and we will give this sweet girl all of the time and patience she needs to get better.

Times are tough at the moment with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic drastically affecting IAPWA’s fundraising activity, but there are still SO many dogs like Daisy who need our help.

With your support, we can ensure that Daisy and her friends continue to recieve all of the vital treatment, care and support they need so they never have to experience a life of suffering ever again. We aim to find Daisy a forever home through our Adoption Programme once she is well enough, but we need to get her there first.

Can you help us? Any donation, big or small, will be incredibly appreciated. Thank you.

This is a guest post by Rebecca Lewthwaite, IAPWA. Want to write for us? Visit or email


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