Great Debate: Should charities have halted adoptions during lockdown?

Should rescues have halted rehoming during lockdown?

Should charities have halted adoptions during lockdown?

As the UK went into a nationwide lockdown and swathes of people worked from home, many turned to rescues – and sadly, to puppy farmers – for a dog to keep them company throughout it.

This however caused some concern on whether the people taking on dogs were ready and willing to keep looking after their new pet as life returned to normal, prompting Dogs Trust to temporarily change its famous Christmas slogan to ‘A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Lockdown’. Blue Cross, concerned that they would be facing a ‘horde of homeless hounds‘ after lockdown ended, launched a series of vlogs to help new owners socialise their new pets despite the restrictions.

While rescue charities were allowed to keep rehoming dogs during lockdown as long as the followed safety procedures, some feel that rehoming should have been entirely halted until the emergency passed, to keep people from adopting dogs on a whim that they may be unable to look after once the situation returned to normal.

Others argue it would have been unfair to those who genuinely wished to take advantage of the extra time home to best welcome a dog they had already planned to bring into their lives – and that if unable to adopt, they would have turned to puppy farmers.

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Take part to our Great Debate – should charities have halted adoptions during the lockdown?While rescue charities were…

Posted by Dogs Today Magazine on Monday, August 10, 2020


  1. No, the rescue kennels should have continued to re home dogs even if it eventually turns into a fostering situation. If they hadn’t the potential re homers would have turned to puppy farms.


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