Pokio Goes on Holiday

Pokio goes on holiday

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Sometimes Mummy goes back to England to visit her family in London. She can’t take me with her because I am too big to travel in the cabin of the plane and she doesn’t want to put me in the cargo hold. I don’t much fancy going in the cargo hold either! So I go on holiday as well. Mummy thinks I don’t know what is happening but as soon as she starts packing her suitcase, I know something is afoot. She can’t fool me.

Mummy takes me to the Crete Dog Hotel. I like Peter at the Dog Hotel. As soon as Mummy opens the car door I run straight over to him. He says I am a scamp but a real character. They let me run around in the garden while they sort out the business side of things, then Mummy disappears before I realise she has gone. I do miss Mummy when I am in the hotel but I am too busy nosing out all the interesting new smells. There is lots of space for me to run and let off steam and I have playtime four times a day.

I am not too keen on sleeping in a kennel but, apart from that, it is quite good fun being at the Dog Hotel. The kennels are kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer so I am quite comfortable. I don’t have to be on a lead all the time I am there and I get lots of games because Peter has no more than ten dogs at a time. We play with tennis balls and Peter hides so I have to try and find him.

Sometimes I get a bit bored with that so I wander off and do my own thing until he comes out of hiding. He thinks I am being a bit thick but it is all part of the plan! The ladies who help him are very nice as well and they all make a fuss of me.

Sometimes when I stay I make friends with the dog in the kennel next door. The first time I stayed, I was a bit upset at being left alone so I destroyed my bed. After that, Peter told Mummy to leave my own bed at home and I could use one of his duvets. I was very naughty last time I stayed because my friend and I destroyed a duvet between us. We were only playing but we got a bit carried away!

The food is good at the Dog Hotel and I get lots of small treats, but not enough to make me fat. I do like my food. Peter is very fussy about what he feeds his guests. He says I am the customer; Mummy just pays the bill!

Of course, even though I have fun on holiday, I am always very pleased to see Mummy when she comes to collect me. I know she misses me too because I always get lots of cuddles.

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