Beverley Cuddy talks to Jules O’Dwyer – Live 7pm GMT tonight

Jules O'Dwyer interview

Facebook live coming up! Today (Wednesday 29 July) at 7pm I will be talking with Jules O’Dwyer, whose dogs wowed the nation!

Winning Britain’s Got Talent with a troupe of highly trained dogs should have been great fun, but the fickle media decided the big story was that Matisse had a double who did part of the act. They didn’t run front pages complaining that the magician wasn’t really using magic, tough!

Looking back it’s really quite hard to imagine what all the fuss was about. Jules O’Dwyer had multiple trained dogs telling a story – because she’s an epic dog trainer she could do that. Do they take Oscars off actors because they don’t do their own stunts? Jules’ day job was training assistance dogs – and she’s world class at that too. Remember to join us!

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