Beverley Cuddy talks to Jordan Shelley – Live 7pm GMT tonight

Jordan Shelley interview

Facebook live coming up! Today (Wednesday 1 July) at 7pm, I will be talking with dog trainer Jordan Shelley.

When I first clapped eyes on Jordan he was on the One Show, he had his own segment on dog training. I wasn’t watching it live, I had been told I must watch by seemingly the whole of social media. He was a young, handsome chap. Very telegenic. But where had he suddenly come from? His methods for training dogs did something everyone thought impossible – he had united dog trainers! They all wanted him off the TV ASAP.

Jordan had used methods once considered the norm. But people also used to hit their kids. It’s not PC to use dominance anymore. Jordan had put his foot in it literally and metaphorically. Everyone makes mistakes, but poor young Jordan’s were being broadcast on primetime. I had written on my blog “Get Jordan Shelley off the telly,” and it worked.

It wasn’t just me, obviously: it was pretty much all the charities saying it, too.

My blog had said some nice things about Jordan, but I hadn’t minced my words about his training methods. So, when I was told “Jordan Shelley” was phoning for me, I assumed it was someone having a laugh.

But it was Jordan, bless him. And to his eternal credit he had read my blog and wanted to ask for advice on how to be a better dog trainer. Well that was a plot twist I didn’t see coming. I got my little black book out.

The positive dog world community welcomed him with open arms. Lovely Dr Ian Dunbar and Kelly literally took him into their California home. It was almost like going into witness protection. The Daily Mail photographer had been hiding in his hedge for days.

Jordan turned a very low point into a turning point! This evening I will be talking to him to him on my Facebook Live and you are all invited. Do pass it on!

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Next Wednesday (8 July) I will be interviewing Jemima Harrison – the famous and award winning documentary maker. Her recent Parkinson’s Drug Trial: A miracle cure on BBC has been scooping up prestigious awards and is as loved by the Parkinson’s patients as the doctor’s appearing in it.

Yet, her 2008 documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed is still generating ad hominem attacks. It was described as ‘like a bomb going off’ in living rooms when it aired. We go behind the headlines and get to know the real Jemima. Don’t miss it!


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