Dog Crush: Papillon


The beautiful Papillon is to star in our next Dog Crush feature!

Do you currently have a Papillon, have had them in the past? Let us know your experience with this breed in a quick survey. What’s the funniest/strangest thing your Papillon has ever done? What health tests would you say are essential? We need to know all the highs and lows! 

Plus, the feature will include beautiful art, photography and products about this breed – so tell us about your favourites!

To thank you for your time, we have 25 free copies of the Papillon issue to give away to survey respondents in the UK. Just leave your postal address at the end when prompted.


  1. I have a therapy dog she is 5 lb papillon. She was rescuesd @ age 1 1/2 years old. She is my first pap. And I love the breed .I have studied and read everything I can on them. She does tricks,love her therapy work. She is a K 9 therapy crew member for DFW Airport and has done meany photography shoots for them. I have A long hair chihuahua that is a therapy dog also she is 10 years and has been a therapy dog for 5 years. Scout my pap.
    loves her sister. Every morning she wakes her sister up by kissing her eyes and face until she wakes up and then they have a love fest.
    Thank you for the magazine the pap. Lives up to everything I have every heard. They will steal you heart at first site.

    Suzie Harvey proud mom of Scout and Angel


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