Dogs wage war on Elf on the Shelf – and the photos are hilarious

elf on the shelf

Ricochet the surfing therapy dog – yes, you read that right – and her little sister Cori have been battling Elf on the Shelf with a prank war for many years. The battle has been documented through the hilarious photographs below…

Need anything shredded?
Nailed it!
Kid Rocks
Will this get rid of him?
Chia Elf
Not my tennis balls!
Elf on the Shelf
All aboard!
Hairless dog in the making
Does this even need a caption?
Elf on the Shelf
Got a battery I can borrow?
Lending a paw
Elf on the Shelf
Keep scrolling
Elf on the Shelf
Gone fishing
Elf tacos
Elf bowling
Elf on the Shelf
Elf pong
Elf on the Shelf
Elf dente
Spay and neuter your Elf
All wrapped up

And the war against Elf on the Shelf is still on…

On a slightly more serious note, you can see Ricochet in action here:

Images by SurfDogRicochet


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