New Online Training Resource for Dog Owners


All responsible dog owners understand the importance of training. But not everyone can make it to classes. Zoe Willingham, a well respected dog trainer has launched an online resource for owners who want help to train their dogs at home.

Zoe, of Best Behaviour Dog Training near Ipswich has been working with dogs for most of her life. She realised quite early on in her career that some behavioural problems may arise because dogs simply are not given enough opportunities to learn about the world. Whilst an average person spends around 17% of their lives in education. Attending puppy classes once a week for 6 weeks accounts for only 0.1% of a dog’s 12 year life expectancy.

Dog training classes are not right for everyone. However loving pet owners can now benefit from the motivation and advice of experts at a time and place to suit them.

Introducing Dogversity.

Dogversity is an online dog training course that students can fit into their lifestyle. Video tutorials explain the science behind dog training and demonstrate positive training methods in a clear and friendly way. At the end of the course there is the chance to graduate with a dogploma, dogree or a dogtorate. There are no pressures to complete the course in a certain time and you will never feel as though you are competing with classmates.

At Dogversity there are courses for everyone. Expecting a new addition to the family? Start off on the right paw with Zoe’s “preparing for puppy” course. Want to develop your dog’s life skills? Try Zoe’s step by step tutorials. If you need to break bad habits or just want have more fun with your pup, there are courses for specific training needs such as lead walking, trick training and recall.

No matter where you are, or what type of dog you own, subscribing to Dogversity gives you exclusive access to course materials, support from Zoe and her team and membership of the VIP (very important pooches) group on Facebook. Dogversity sets you up for success.

Visit the Dogversity online campus to view the curriculum:

How long does it take to train a dog? Read Zoe’s theory on why some dogs develop bad habits and unwanted behaviours:


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