Six of the best… doggie products for your wet-nosed best friend


Chellys Dogmetics
Chellys Dogmetics is a 2-in-1 formula made from 100% natural ingredients, all carefully selected to create the pawfect nourishing recipe for your pooch’s nose and paw pads. When a dog’s nose is dry, it can be quite sore, just like for us humans when we have chapped lips. Simply apply to your pooch’s nose or paw pads once or twice a day, depending on the severity of area – a pea-sized amount works wonders. Rest assured your pooch will thank you for their shiny nose and soft paws.
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Fido’s Nest
Recent start-up Fido’s Nest brings to market a new range of luxury, hypoallergenic dog beds. Inspired by her own long- suffering, allergy-prone dog, founder Becky Kane wanted a bed that would ease his and her own allergies, offer support and comfort for his arthritic legs and would look a ‘feature’ in any modern home. The bed covers are strong enough to withstand vigorous digging and nesting, and each season Fido’s Nest release a new ‘collection’ of covers, allowing you to keep your dog’s bed looking fresh and on trend!
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Naylor Agility
Naylor Specialist Plastics manufacture a new and extended range of high-quality dog agility tunnels. The dog agility tunnels are handmade using heavy-duty, re-resistant PVC materials, making them extremely hardwearing, robust and easy to wipe clean. The Naylor dog agility tunnels are available in 600mm diameter with 10 standard colours, five different lengths and three weights (light, medium and heavy duty). Naylor manufacture to order, to ensure your exact requirement is supplied, considering your specific colours, loops, bags and design.
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Ten Year Tags
Tired of repeatedly buying dog name tags that wear out or fall off within months? We were, so we made a better one: Ten Year Tags, dog name tags made by hand in England from brass. A spit re engineer helped specify the design and we use much thicker brass than other tags. Consequently, Ten Year Tags are so strong and engraved so deeply, we can guarantee your dog’s name tag for ten years – even if you lose it! One dog name tag, ten years. Guaranteed. Minimal T&Cs. See website for details. We support Dogs Trust.
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Frozzys has developed a healthy natural treat with a difference – a frozen yogurt that is low in calories, low in fat and includes natural health benefits, such as calcium to support healthy teeth and bones. The frozen yogurt is also enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and prebiotic fibre, with the lactose removed to ensure the delicious lickable frozen yogurt is easy on the digestive system. Frozzys comes in four-packs of 85g pots in five lickable flavours: original, strawberry, blueberry, cranberry and peach. It’s completely lickable from the tub or can be defrosted and poured over kibble.

Is your dog fit and healthy? Dog obesity is an increasing problem, leading to chronic disease. Outdoor exercise improves health; however, once off the leash, we fear our dogs being lost or stolen. The solution? Pawfit, an advanced location activity monitoring system, providing live accurate location, combining GPS, wi and cellular technology. Pawfit allows you to monitor your dog’s activity trend, motivating you to set customised activity goals. Pawfit’s smart protection features include alerts for: removal, safety zone, temperature and a unique audio ID tag. Its IP65 waterproof design includes a rechargeable battery lasting up to six days.


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