Q&A: what to do if your dog won’t let vets touch him?


A reader writes…

I have a rescue border collie who is nearly eleven. I have had him for nine years and he was abused in his last home so he doesn’t allow people to touch him. This has made things difficult at the vets when he has his vaccinations. So far he has been very healthy but he gets so stressed at the vet’s that he hasn’t had his vaccinations for two years but needs to go this year.

About four years ago I noticed a soft lump on his side and as it started to get bigger the vets managed to sedate him but said it’s only what they call a fat pocket. I’ve kept an eye on it and it hasn’t caused him any problems, but it has grown quite a lot lately and I am concerned.

The problem is my vets are not very helpful now. I understand they don’t want to be in any danger, but I am sure they must have had training in how to deal with difficult dogs. I am now concerned that if my dog is ill or in pain, what help can I get for him? And also, if he should need to be put to sleep, what on earth will happen?

I have asked for someone to call me to discuss things, but nobody has rung me. I want to know if I can give him some sedatives before he goes to the vet to calm him. Since the senior partner retired they have joined some admin group and I feel its all about money now. I know a lot of people feel the same, all the vets in our area belong to this admin group and a lot of people are unhappy.

I am at my wits’ end as I can’t see my dog in pain should he have something wrong, so what do I do? Losing a dog is stressful enough and I would like to be able to plan for future, so that it’s as least as not as upsetting. I would be very grateful for any advice you can give me because I feel completely alone.

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Posted by Dogs Today Magazine on Thursday, 11 April 2019


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